?10mm Dynamic Driver


Some of the new products by BYZ caught my eye badly, one of them being BYZ K82. This sleek-looking model reminds the designs of UiiSii's earphones, but they aren't the same. The cable smells just like UiiSii's cables but it's smooth (vs rugged) and the metallic parts aren't the same.

What's to say about the sound? It's OK. It doesn't compare to UiiSii HM7 or even BYZ K30 when it comes to clarity, but still, they are loud and the bass is awesome.


  • A great, warm sound quality. Very vivid and fun.
  • The bass is very deep and pounding. You can feel them trembling inside your ears, yet they are not muddy.
  • The build quality is great.
  • These earphones smell amazing!


  • The mids and highs sound slightly colored, which affects the level of detail and precision.
  • It might be a factory mistake, but it seem like there aren't any large-size tips.

Package & Accessories


Soft paperboard + soft plastic (clear)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+2×M, extra-soft, grey (translucent), ?6mm bores

Shirt Clip:

Black, 360° cable holder, generic

Build & Materials


Metal, ?5mm nozzles, soft strain reliefs


Plastic (glossy), single-button


Metal, soft strain relief


Silicone (smooth), 124cm, soft, mildly bent


Metal, straight, short, soft strain relief

  • The cable has an extremely pleasant bubblegum-like smell.

Comfort & Fit

The included tips are so soft that they might not provide a good seal. You should get other tips if that's the case. I find them to actually be very comfortable.

Lows / Bass

The lows are awesome. There sub-bass is immense, and you can actually feel these earphones tremble inside your ears. The bass is mostly deep on the low-end, but not muddy on the mid-bass at all. However, some extremely deep bass content might push them to their limit, causing them to sound a little shaky.

Mids / Vocals

The mids are a bit recessed and slightly colored and off-tone. Very similar to K53.

Highs / Treble

The highs are quite loud but don't get too detailed, and even sound slightly colored. They are just fun to listen to, but nothing an audiophile can appreciate.

Frequency Response

Published on 2016-04-13 11:37:43 (GMT)
K30 K53