?10mm Dynamic Driver


The dirt-cheap YOLOPE K5 proved to be built better than much higher-priced earphones. The sound quality, however, is mediocre, yet still much better than a large portion of higher-priced earphones in my collection. They are mainly warm, bassy without many recessions in the frequency range, at least up to the upper-highs, yet the clarity and timbre aren't precise enough to compete with higher-ranked earphones.

If you're on a very low budget, you should give these a shot. Otherwise, you should look for something with better clarity.


  • Overall very decent sound quality for the price.
  • Excellent bass extension and stability.
  • Very loud without many uncomfortable peaks.
  • Surprisingly good build quality, with a thick (but flexible) cable and a durable-looking plug.
  • Excellent wide-bore ear tips, better than most narrow-bore ear tips I've used.


  • The mids and highs are mediocre, but acceptable for the price.
  • The bass could use some sub-bass in place of some mid-bass.

Package & Accessories


Soft paperboard + hard plastic

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, grey (translucent), ?6mm red bores

Build & Materials


Metal, ?6mm nozzles (?5mm bores), soft strain reliefs


Plastic (matte), triple-button*, no strain reliefs


PVC-coated (smooth), 114cm, soft, straight


Metal, straight, short, soft strain relief

  • The volume buttons work on Android devices. I don't have an iPhone for compatibility check.

Comfort & Fit

These earphones' housings are light but are quite bulky and long, and offer absolutely nothing in terms of ergonomics. However, the included wide-bore tips are excellent in keeping a tight seal, and I had absolutely no comfort issues with these earphones.

Lows / Bass

The bass is punchy and very warm. The mid-bass is a bit muddy but not to a great extent. Sub-bass is a bit lacking in comparison, but keeps an impressively stable bass clarity. Bass shaker test was almost clean of distortion.

Mids / Vocals

While not exactly the most recessed mids, they are still a bit disappointing when playing more complex tracks. Vocals and instruments sound somewhat artificial and have darkish timbre. Detail separation is almost non-existent, as vocals and instruments sound mashed together. The mids are still very listenable and quite adequate for such low price point, especially for not highly layered tracks.

Highs / Treble

The highs are quite disappointing, and that's forgivable for the price. They are discolored and a bit messy. Detail retrieval is unimpressive, they are loud but are darkish in timbre, hence harsh sounding. Like with many mediocre earphones, after some getting-used-to the highs are very listenable and I even forgot that I'm missing out a lot of the detail.

Frequency Response

Published on 2018-01-05 17:26:00 (GMT)